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Who We Are – Our Mission

From the American Legion National Website:  The American Legion is built on a promise from men and women who swore with their lives to defend and protect the United States through military service. The promise begins at enlistment, grows through training and discipline in the U.S. Armed Forces and continues after discharge, as veterans in service to community, state and nation.

Post 1976 prides itself on fostering a close knit, fun and inclusive environment for veterans, auxiliary members and their families to meet, socialize and serve the community.

Why Join – Benefits of Membership

Members receive exclusive discounts, access to member events, community service, the American Legion network and VA benefit assistance.

Activities at the Legion – Darts, Billards, Queen of Hearts, Gaming, Special Events, Private Parties, and Volunteering.

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American Legion Post 1976

2 days 17 hours ago

We would like to invite all of our Post members to meet Virginia on the 1st of April at 10:00 at the American Legion Post 1976 in the back hall.

American Legion Post 1976

2 days 18 hours ago

Wanted to share a message from the CLOVER LEAF EQUINE CENTER: A special thank you to American Legion Post 1976 As Taffy's sponsor through our Sponsor A Horse Program, the Post donated a new sheet -- which she has already enjoyed rolling in the mud --and kindly named her an honorary member. #cloverleafequinecenter #horseshelpinghumansthrive #sponsorahorse #taffy #horses #americanlegion #americanlegionpost1976 #equineassistedservices

American Legion Post 1976

2 days 18 hours ago

Saturday April 1st at 7:00 p.m. the American Legion Post 1976 is having April Fools karaoke night. Food will be served at 6:30. We will have 50/50, raffle prizes and jello shooters.

American Legion Post 1976

4 days 10 hours ago

American Legion Post 1976

5 days 17 hours ago

Tonight is Trivia with our illustrious host, Lance Kent at 7pm. There will be no food this time.

Wednesday lunch is sloppy joes

Thursday is Queen of hearts

Saturday is the poker tournament, sign up starts at 2pm and play starts at 3.


COVID-19 Policies

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Post 1976 is operating with limited hours and reduced offerings, but seeks to remain open as a resource for our community veterans. Here are the current post policies:
  • The bartender will take your temperature when you enter the front door. If your temperature is 100.4 or higher, you will not be admitted.
  • You are required to sign the logbook when you enter. This applies to everyone: staff, members, guests and vendors.
  • You must wear a face-covering when you are not eating or drinking. This includes wearing a face covering when entering and exiting the Post, to/from the restrooms, at the machines, pool/darts, and the bar service area.  This applies to all staff, members, guests and vendors.
    • If you do not have a face covering, you will be asked to leave if do not purchase one. (The bartender has the option to give you one).
  • If you feel sick, stay at home.
  • Anyone with blatant symptoms will be asked to leave and it is strongly recommended that you be tested. Once you have a negative test, you will be allowed back in, with written results.  If you choose not to get tested, you must stay out for 14 days.
  • If you test positive, you will not be permitted to enter the post for 10 days and if you choose not to get another test, it will be 14 days.
    • If you test positive and you have been at the Post, please contact Diane immediately.
    • If your family, children, grandchildren or anyone who you reside with tests positive, it is strongly recommended that you be tested or you will not be permitted into the post for 14 days.
  • Social distancing of 6 feet is required in all areas of the Post, except when seated at a table. Tables are to be at least 6 feet apart.  The bar seating is closed.  No tables adjacent to the bar.
  • The kitchen is closed except for approved events. The Post is not selling food except for approved events.
  • Staff are required to wear face covers.
    • Staff will conduct cleaning and disinfection every hour.
    • The bartender is responsible for enforcing any occupancy or attendance limitations.

Post 1976 History

Bicentennial Post 1976 was founded in 1975 when a small group of men decided to form a Post in Annandale, Va. The men enlisted the help of Mr. Harry Graul, who served as the District Vice Commander of the American Legion Organization. Mr. Graul signed up 25 members to form the Post and received a temporary charter in 1975. It wasn’t until 1976, that the Post received its official charter and the name, Bicentennial Post 1976. For several years, it was a post without a home. Meetings were held at a local restaurant, Tom Weston’s, as well as the Knights of Columbus. In 1982, the house that would later become the post home was leased to the members. Thanks to the generosity of Mr. Tom Weston, the post was able to open its doors for business. Mr. Weston guaranteed the lease, donated the bar, barstools, tables, and chairs. In 1984, when 24 members generously loaned money for an initial down payment, the small house was purchased. It was the very smallness of the post that allowed for a special camaraderie to develop amongst all members; Legionnaires, Ladies of the Auxiliary and the members of the Sons of the American Legion. All of these members contributed to an esprit of taking care of each other, advancing the ideals of The American Legion, and providing support to the local Annandale community. [today] After many years Post 1976 was finally able to expand, and in 1996 the membership approved a 1500 square foot expansion. Construction was completed in 1997. In 2006 the membership approved a second expansion adding 1350 square feet to the social quarters plus second-floor offices and a conference room. Construction was completed in late 2007. The addition to the social quarters was proclaimed “The Tom Weston Memorial Hall.” Today The American Legion Bicentennial Post 1976 has over 729 members.

Post News and Updates


4206 Daniels Ave, Annandale, VA 22003
(703) 941-9608
Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, 11am to 7pm
Wednesday through Saturday, 11am to 10pm


Executive Board
1st Wednesday Of Each Month 7 P.M.

General Membership
2nd Tuesday Of The Month 7 P.M.

House Committee
1st Wednesday Of Each Month 6:30 P.M.

American Legion Auxiliary
2nd Monday Of The Month 7 P.M.

American Legion Riders
3rd Thursday Of The Month, 7 P.M.

Sons of the American Legion
1st Thursday Of The Month 7 P.M.