Post 1976 House Rules



Section 1.  Member,as applied to the House Rules, shall mean any Legionnaire, Auxiliary, or Sons of the American Legion member of Bicentennial Post 1976 in good standing.  A member in good standing is defined as one who has paid his/her annual dues by 1 January of the applicable year.

Section 2.  Social Quarters include the Club Room and The Tom Weston Memorial Hall.

Section 3.  Meeting Facilities include the Social Quarters, the first floor Meeting Room and the second floor Conference Room.

Section 4.  Post Home includes all the premises and grounds utilized by Post 1976, including any building(s) thereon.

Section 5.  Management, as applied to the House Rules, shall refer to the Club Manager (when on duty) and bar managers on duty, (Manager on Duty).

Section 6.  House Committee is the committee appointed in accordance with the Post Bylaws to oversee the Operation of the Social Quarters and condition of all Post grounds, including the Island.

Section 7.  Minor is any person under the age of 21 in accordance with the Virginia Alcohol Board of Control (ABC) Laws/Regulations.

Section 8.  Guest is anyone who is not a member of Post 1976 or a member in good standing of any other American Legion Post, Auxiliary Unit or Sons of the American Legion Squadron.

Section 9.  Food Service Manager is any person certified in accordance with the requirements of the Fairfax County Health Authority, and who is in possession of a valid Food Handlers Certificate.  Such person while on the premises shall be responsible for enforcing the Food Service Regulations of Fairfax County.

Persons Permitted in the Social Quarters

Section 1.  Except as stated elsewhere in these rules, the following persons shall be admitted:

  • Any member of the American Legion showing his/her current American Legion card and his/or her spouse or significant other.
  • Any member of the American Legion Auxiliary showing her current card and her spouse or significant other.
  • Any member of the Sons of the American Legion showing his current card and his spouse or significant other.
  • Minor children/grandchildren of any member stated above, during authorized times, and when accompanied by the member.

Section 2.  A member in good standing of Post 1976 shall be allowed to bring guests into the Social Quarters at any time.  All guests will be signed in by their sponsor, in the “Sign in Log” at the bar.

Guests who are eligible to join the American Legion, American Legion Auxiliary, or Sons of the American Legion are restricted to two (2) visits to the Social Quarters as a guest in any calendar month.  The sponsoring member is responsible for determining membership eligibility with respect to these provisions and will inform his or her guest(s) that joining the American Legion or its recognized affiliates will determine their future visitation rights.  These restrictions do not apply to the provisions of immediate family or significant other categories as stated in Section 1 above.

Members shall be wholly responsible for the conduct of their guests.  The House Committee, as appropriate, will address issues resulting from guests’ misconduct.

All members who enter The American Legion are required to present their Membership Card to the Manager on Duty prior to being served.

Section 3.  Guests are not permitted to remain in the Social Quarters after the sponsoring member has left unless another member in good standing signs them in.  Guests are not permitted to sign for a winning pull-tab bowl.

Section 4.  No persons under the age of 18 will be permitted in the Social Quarters after 9:00 PM, except on nights of Special Post functions, or as deemed appropriate by the Manager on Duty.  An adult member must accompany all persons under the age of 18.  No persons under the age of 18 will be seated at or lounge around the bar.


Section 1All alcoholic beverages brought into the Social Quarters or kept in lockers must be labeled with the member’s name.  No alcoholic beverages or mixers are to be brought into the Post that are sold in the Social Quarters except at the discretion of the Club Manager.

Section 2.  No alcoholic beverages will be served to minors, (persons under the age of 21), nor will they carry any alcoholic beverages to any person in the Social Quarters.

Section 3.  Alcoholic beverages purchased or mixed in the Social Quarters may not be carried out of the building.

Section 4.  At Special Functions, such as the annual Crab Feast, alcoholic beverages may be purchased outside the building, and must be consumed on the Post Grounds.  The Post must obtain a Special Events license from the ABC to sell alcoholic beverages outside the building.

Dress Code

Section 1.  Members and guests must be neatly and appropriately dressed at all times.  Basically, any clothing deemed inappropriate by management is not permitted.  This would include clothing that is overly suggestive or revealing or in bad taste.  Examples of inappropriate dress are as follows:

  • Bare chests, bellies, backs or feet
  • Swimwear
  • Any outerwear with vulgar or offensive slogans
  • Oversized tank tops
  • Holey cut-offs with insides of pockets showing

These are not intended to be all-inclusive.  All members and guests are expected to dress so as not to offend any other member or guest.

Section 2.  The management reserves the right to specify particular dress for special occasions.

Section 3.  Members and guests are required to clean their shoes/boots to avoid tracking mud and/or seasonal (e.g. salt, sand, etc.) materials into the Social Quarters.

Section 4.  The final decision as to what constitutes proper dress rests with the management.


Section 1.  No alcoholic beverage will be sold to anyone who, in the estimation of the Manager on Duty, is under the influence of alcohol.  Indications of intoxication shall include but not be limited to loud and boisterous behavior, dozing or sleeping anywhere on the premises, aggressive behavior, taunting and/or harassment of patrons or management, and use of profane or personally insulting language.

Section 2.  The Manager on Duty has the right, and is duty bound to refuse service to anyone whose conduct is, in the opinion of the Manager on Duty, detrimental to any person(s), the Post, or The American Legion.  This includes comments directed toward patrons, which may be considered as personal attacks with respect to sex, race, creed, religion or personal lifestyles.

Section 3.  The Manager on Duty may order anyone to leave the building whom, in his/her judgment, has violated one or more of these rules and/or has engaged in conduct that is detrimental to the Post, or any person.  Any person failing to depart the Post when so directed may be evicted by the Manager on Duty by whatever means he/she deems appropriate including, but not limited to enlisting aid from non-involved members to effect a low-key removal to involvement by the County Police in extreme cases.

Section 4.  Proper language should be used at all times.  Loud, profane, vulgar or abusive language, or conduct prejudicial to good order, shall constitute grounds for removal from the Social Quarters.  Members are requested to refrain from loud and boisterous conduct when leaving the Post Home.

Section 5.  Members and guests will not interfere with the duties and direction of the Manager on Duty.   Any complaints about the operation of the Social Quarters or conduct of its employees or members shall be brought to the attention of the Manager on Duty or the House Committee in writing.  At no time will a member be allowed to verbally challenge another member in the Social Quarters.  Any suggestion or criticism concerning the operation of the Social Quarters shall be submitted to the House Committee where it will be given due consideration.

Section 6.  Members or guests not seated at the bar are requested to go to the service area to be served.  This procedure facilitates the checking of membership cards and enhances service.  If empty seats at the bar area are available, there is no need to go to the service area upon entering.

Section 7.  Members and guests on Post sponsored trips are expected to abide by the same rules of conduct as if they were in the Post Home.  Examples of Post sponsored trips would include sporting events, Atlantic City trips, golf tournaments, etc.

Section 8.  To avoid damage to installed equipment, members or guests are not permitted to operate the window blinds, movable wall partition, sprinkler system, heating system or alarm system, unless checked out in their operation and requested to do so by the Manager on Duty.

Section 9.  Any member or guest, who is deemed by the Manager on Duty to have violated any House Rule, must be reported to the Club Manager in writing, who will bring the infraction to the attention of the House Committee for possible disciplinary action.  Such member may be suspended from privileges of the Post, by the Manager on Duty for the remainder of the 24-hour operational cycle.  Any further disciplinary action will be addressed under Section 10 of this Article.

Section 10.  Complaints or formal charges must be filed with the House Committee within five (5) days of the event.  Upon receipt of a written complaint, the House Committee will review the complaint and notify the accused in writing within ten (10) days, as deemed appropriate.  The accused will have a maximum of seven (7) more days to prepare his/her response.  After this time, the House Committee will meet with the accuser and the accused to determine if any or further disciplinary action is warranted.  The accused and accuser with any witness(s) desired will meet separately with the House Committee.  After hearing all evidence relating to the matter, the House Committee will take action as deemed necessary to preserve discipline in the Post Home.

Section 11.  Any member disciplined under Section 10 above, shall have the right to appeal.  The member will appeal to the Executive Committee, who will meet at its earliest convenience to hear the appeal.  If appealed, disciplinary action will begin after the Executive Committee decision.  The decision of the Executive Committee is final.

Club Management

Section 1.  The operation of the Post Home shall conform to the provisions of the Virginia Alcohol Board of Control (ABC) Laws/Regulations.

Section 2.  All purchases in the Social Quarters will be on a cash basis only.

Section 3.  Subject to the approval of the Manager on Duty, Post members in good standing may cash a personal check not to exceed $200.00 in any given shift based on availability of cash   funds on hand.  A $35.00 service charge will be assessed the member for any returned check.  Any person who has had two (2) returned checks will be denied further check cashing privileges. Any person denied check-cashing privileges can petition the House Committee in writing to request reinstatement of check cashing privileges.  If returned checks are not redeemed within 30 days, Social Facility privileges are suspended until such payment has been remitted in cash, to include the applicable service charge(s).

Section 4.  When the Post is sponsoring a special function, the management reserves the right to suspend bar operations in the Social Quarters, however the Post Home will remain open.

Section 5.   No member, guest or outside entity shall leave vehicles, boats, trailers, etc. on the Post Property for a period of time exceeding 72 hours.  Towing will be enforced at the owner’s expense.

No member or guest shall be allowed to remain in vehicles on Post property on a regular basis during hours when the Post is closed.  The Post property is zoned commercial and should not be used as a residence.

Special circumstances may dictate a longer period only with the approval of the House Committee and/or special meeting of the Post Officers (minimum of 3) as can be assembled in time to address the need for an extension beyond this “Rule of 72.”

In case of questions, please call Club Manager Diane Ramsey at 703-408-9123. 

Hours of Operation

Section 1.  The hours of operation of the Social Quarters will be Monday through Saturday 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM and Sunday 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM unless there is a scheduled event.

Section 2.  At the discretion of the Manager on Duty, the closing hour may be extended.

Section 3.  Last call will be 20 minutes prior to closing.  At that time no new games (such as pool, darts, shuffleboard, etc.) will be started and games in progress must be completed within the 20-minute time.

Section 4.  The hours of operation will be posted and enforced by the Manager on Duty.

Use of the Pool Table, Dartboards and other Equipment

Section 1.  The pool table, dartboards, and any other gaming devices in the Post Home are for entertainment purposes.  Gambling in any form is prohibited.

Section 2.  The pool table, and dartboards may be closed at the discretion of the management, or by direction of the House Committee, for special television events.  These devices may be closed at any other event deemed appropriate by the House Committee or Executive Committee.

Section 3.  Movement of the pool table, and dartboards will not be done without the prior approval of the House Committee.

Section 4.  Disposition, including the sale, donation or disposal, of any Post supplies or equipment, including the pool table, dartboards, and audio-visual equipment; office equipment and furnishings; conference room furnishings; Social Quarters tables, chairs, and bar stools; and kitchen supplies and equipment; will require authorization from the House Committee.

Section 5.  The personal computer located in the first floor Meeting Room is available for all members to use.  This personal computer cannot be used for activities such as on-line gambling sites, pornography sites, etc.

Section 6.  The telephone in the hallway is available for all members and guests to use.  The cost of using the phone is twenty-five cents, which should be deposited in the box by the phone.

Sound Control

Section 1.  Members are requested to respect the rights of other members when playing the CD player.

Section 2.  The Manager on Duty will control the volume for the CD player and television sets.  The choice of what is to be shown and/or played on all audio/visual equipment will be determined by the majority of patrons on hand and not employees of the Post.

Section 3.  At the discretion of the Manager on Duty, based on his/her evaluation that the majority of the Legion patrons are watching a television event, the CD player may be turned down or off so as not to interfere with the majority.

Kitchen Operations

Section 1.  Applicable Fairfax County Food Service Regulations shall govern food service activities.

Section 2.  Preparation of food in the kitchen must be under the supervision of a Food Service Manager who is certified by the Fairfax County Health Authority.  This manager is responsible to ensure that food-handling personnel are trained in and adhere to sanitary food-handling procedures and proper methods of food protection.

Section 3.  Smoking or consumption of alcoholic beverages in the kitchen is prohibited.

Section 4.  Volunteers using the kitchen are responsible for ensuring that all cooking appliances, counters, utensils, etc., are thoroughly cleaned and stored in their proper place at the end of their use.

Section 5.  Food that is brought into the Post for pick-up by another member will be properly packaged and clearly marked with the members name and stored in a box marked “Member Food”.  This box will be located on the lower shelf of the wire-shelving unit in the walk-in cooler.

Use of Post Home Meeting Facilities

Section 1.  Meetings such as the General Membership meeting will be held in the Club Room and the Tom Weston Memorial Hall.  Committee meetings and other small group gatherings will be held in the first floor Meeting Room.  The second floor Offices are reserved for the use of the individuals assigned as occupants.

Rental of Post Home Social Quarters

A formal rental contract is in place and being managed/implemented by the Tom Weston Memorial Hall Manager.


Section 1.  The House Committee must approve any additions, deletions, and changes to the above House Rules.

Section 2.  The above House Rules are approved as amended this 5th day of December 2011.  In addition, this document supersedes any and all previous versions of the House Rules.

Tom Ritchie
Third Vice Commander
Chairman, House Committee

Bill Timmons                                                                    Tom Longquillo
Committee Member (AL)                                             Committee Member (AL)

Wanda Newman                                                                Mike Trujillo
Committee Member (AL. Aux)                                    Committee Member (SAL)